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Philippine Energy Companies Seize Investment Opportunities

by: Jason dela Torre

Renewable energy is a growing industry in the Philippines, thanks in part to increased investor optimism in renewable energy investments. Both foreign and local investors alike, including two of the Philippines’ top trading partners, are confident in the country’s potential as a major renewable energy investment destination. A number of foreign-based energy companies have already set up subsidiaries in the country, led by British company Bronze Oak, which established the San Carlos Bioenergy Company in 2007, and is expected to generate roughly 9 megawatts of electricity, including another 5 mW for grid export.

Bright Prospects Ahead for Philippine Agribusiness

The last ten years has been crucial to the development of agricultural and rural infrastructure in the Philippines. The country now boasts a nautical highway which has significantly eased the transport of agricultural products from the island of Mindoro to other parts of the country. A number of modern highways and road systems have also been built to connect the areas of Clark, Subic, and Tarlac in Central Luzon, all major trading areas, thereby making it easier for farmers living in these locales to transport their goods to Metro Manila. These and other developments, coupled with the increasing popularity of agribusiness in the Philippines, has led to the development of the country’s agricultural industry, as well as to a significant increase in agricultural profits.