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Lease Rates and Stable Office Supply Assured by BPOs

The Business Process Outsourcing sector will continue to create majority of the demand for real estate, supported by a wide market of residential buyers, property consulting company CBRE Philippines said on Wednesday.

Joey M. Radovan, CBRE Vice Chairman and Global Services Head said that only Makati is seen to have greater prices this season due to its reducing area, with the other places, such as Fort Bonifacio and Quezon City predicted to maintain their lease levels.

FTA Of Philippines With European Union Needs Urgent Action

European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) Vice President Henny J. Schumacher said in his statement yesterday that the Philippines will be left behind its Southeast Asian neighbors if it does not sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union (EU) by the year 2015.

ECCP is convincing all business leaders to encourage the government to move ahead and  start negotiating with the European Union for the free-trade deal.

Mr. Schumacher said that based on the current trends, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietman could sign the free-trade agreement. Although the trade department could not be reached for any comments regarding this.

Philippines Ranks As One Of The World’s Top Retirement Destinations

It was said that it’s more fun in the Philippines and it was proven because not only the young tourist who are seeking for adventure who come but also for the foreign retirees who is trying to have privacy in their old age.

Ireland-based website International Living  has ranked the Philippines 15th place of 22 for the World’s Top Retirement Havens for 2013 with the score of 79.5% in the Retirement Index.  This score is based on their eight categories which are so essential for retirees, including discounts and other benefits. Residential real estate, retirement benefits, entertainment and amenities, ease of integration, cost of living, health care, climate and retirement infrastructure are also included. In their previous list, there were only 19 countries and the Philippines is not included.