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Things to Know Before Coming to the Philippines – Part III

Part III:  Weather Wheel 

As mentioned above, there are primarily two seasons in the Philippines. The “cool” season is felt in the months between December and February. However, “cool” is relative. In Manila, “cool” can mean a super comfortable mid 70s fahrenheit. “Summer” stretches from March to May and can be brutal for westerners. The “rainy” season starts in June, ending around November. During the rainy season, locals bring an umbrella to work every single day because regardless of how the weather looks in the morning, chances are the evening commute will be wet.

Cash Caution

Things to know before coming to the Philippines – Part II

Part II: Visas and Immigration Requirements

The Philippines allows foreign travelers of many nationalities to enter the country without obtaining a visa in advance. Stays beyond a specified period then require the foreign national to obtain a tourist visa extension. To be sure you know what to expect, why not contact us? The Kittelson & Carpo visa staff is happy to answer questions about specific requirements related to your country.

Things to Know Before Coming to the Philippines – Part 1

Part I: Climate and Clothing

The Philippines is geographically situated within the Pacific Ring of Fire, making it a tropical country with two official seasons – the dry and wet. Although outside can be hot and moist, most office and commercial spaces are climate-controlled so that they are comfortable to western standards.

Despite the tropical climate, business or business casual attire is common in Philippine offices. Men wear either a western-style shirt and slacks (jackets are occasional, ties are uncommon), or they wear a Philippine office barong, typically a linen embroidered dress-shirt that is worn untucked. Women wear western office attire but many prefer skirts, blouses, and dresses for comfort in the tropical heat.