10 Apr: Does Your Product Need to be Licensed with the Philippine FDA?

Product Need to be Licensed with the Philippine FDA2

Businesses that wish to engage in import, export, or distribution of products in the Philippines must plan for FDA registration during the set-up phase of the business. Several product categories are regulated by the FDA, and products that fall within these categories require product registration. It is helpful for business owners to determine where their products fall under existing categories, in order to be able to comply with the law. Companies can avoid mishaps during the process by engaging the assistance of an FDA registration expert. At Kittelson & Carpo Consulting, our FDA consultant is a licensed pharmacist who has considerable expertise in various areas of product registration in the Philippines. She can provide seamless assistance in securing the right types of licences for your product and facilitating its approval for trading in the country.

27 Jan: Things to Know Before Coming to the Philippines

Things to Know Before Coming to the Philippines

Climate and Clothing

The Philippines is geographically situated within the Pacific Ring of Fire, making it a tropical country with two official seasons – the dry and wet. Although outside can be hot and moist, most office and commercial spaces are climate-controlled so that they are comfortable to western standards.

Despite the tropical climate, business or business casual attire is common in Philippine offices. Men wear either a western-style shirt and slacks (jackets are occasional, ties are uncommon), or they wear a Philippine office barong, typically a linen embroidered dress-shirt that is worn untucked. Women wear western office attire but many prefer skirts, blouses, and dresses for comfort in the tropical heat.

19 Sep: KMC MAG Group Sees Continued Growth in Metro Manila Real Estate

KMC MAG Group Sees Continued Growth in Metro Manila Real Estate

With strong fundamentals and continued economic growth, the future looks bright for Metro Manila real estate, according to KMC MAG Group’s 2013 Midyear Report launched last Sept. 6, 2013. The report provides information on the key trends and forecasts regarding residential and office markets in the three major central business districts (CBDs) in Metro Manila: Makati, Taguig (Bonifacio Global City), and Ortigas.

02 Jul: Choose The Best Option For Offshore Outsourcing

It is a fact that in today’s business world, offshore outsourcing is a trend now which is very possible for companies who want to develop their business or simply reduce their overhead.

As an entrepreneur, you would definitely want to reduce the costs of running your business without sacrificing the functionality of your business. By outsourcing your company or at least part of your business, you can indeed expand and reduce operating expenses.

You should also consider which country you should outsource your business in. People from different countries have different cultures and education. You have to choose which people, culture and educational standards that your company can benefit.

23 Apr: Benefits Of Outsourcing

Organizations does not think more about the benefits they would receive if they entrust their project. Days when people would turn a blind eye toward outsourcing are no more. Everybody wants results; everyone wants to make money and wants everything done quickly and many things. Each outsourcing firm around the world knows, and outsourcing up to these expectations more often. So the concept works and takers.

15 Apr: Tips To Sell Land To A Developer

So how will you be able to sell? You need to know the product or service that you will market, selling land requirements is not so simple as some may imagine, such as patience, a good set of hips, good technical knowledge and a certain amount of luck . A Realtor who seeks to professionalize and follow basic procedures will find surely big chances of effective business in real estate. The sale of land is not made ​​only by persuasion, but also with the use of rational arguments, a lot of technique and knowledge of data on the sector (number of feasibility internal rates of return, profit, value for general sales, among other). To list a few good reasons that will assist you, the real estate professional in selling, here are 10 important tips:

29 Mar: Lead Generation For Real Estate Brokers

Real estate is a new business out there today. Time for new goals. If you’re new, with lead generation you will learn how to prospect for clients.


There Are 13 Ways To Strike The Gold With Lead Generation

1. Target half a dozen neighborhoods and knock on doors to meet people in the “do not call” world. Have something of value to offer residents-a competitive market analysis of their home, recent stats on turnover of homes-and ask if you can contact them periodically with such info. They’ll become part of your sphere of influence. This is what we call “Farming”. You can do a postcard marketing program or a newsletter for lead generation. Your title rep can give you an excel spreadsheet with names and address or it can be in a word format as well.

15 Mar: Offshore Staff Leasing

Offshore staffing appears as hiring someone locally, except that the service provider will bring off the selection procedure, setting up, and the particular procedures on behalf of a typical company customer. Employee leasing is the one and only outsourcing resolution if ever the workload is accommodated for full time staff and if ever the requirement is on a regular need.

Offshore staffing can give give companies approach into an athletic manpower resource, and for countries like the Philippines, these talents come at a lower labor costs when compared to workforce in first world countries. With the results of recession experienced by the global economy, and while earnings follow through up for their very limited manpower pool, cost reductions that offshore staffing can offer is extremely a motivation generally in most business owners.

07 Mar: Office Space Rentals

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s fast growing economies. Rapid climb and development are paving the way for many countries out of the region to imitate the achievement of the Asian “tiger economies” like Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. One such country is the Philippines; and according to a recent written real estate market report Philippines, it is well on its way to becoming one of the large economies of the world. All this potency for growth in the country is the reason for steady growing office for rent in Makati.

05 Mar: How To Start Investing In Real Estate?

Real estate has always been a good option to make investments. It is also a safe investment option than other forms of investment such as the stock market. However, many do not know how to make money through real estate. The reasons can be lack of time to study the real estate market report or lack of interest. However, before we invest our money, it is necessary that we be aware of the risks and the expected returns on investment.

Property Investment Tips