Product Registration

10 Apr: Does Your Product Need to be Licensed with the Philippine FDA?

Product Need to be Licensed with the Philippine FDA2

Businesses that wish to engage in import, export, or distribution of products in the Philippines must plan for FDA registration during the set-up phase of the business. Several product categories are regulated by the FDA, and products that fall within these categories require product registration. It is helpful for business owners to determine where their products fall under existing categories, in order to be able to comply with the law. Companies can avoid mishaps during the process by engaging the assistance of an FDA registration expert. At Kittelson & Carpo Consulting, our FDA consultant is a licensed pharmacist who has considerable expertise in various areas of product registration in the Philippines. She can provide seamless assistance in securing the right types of licences for your product and facilitating its approval for trading in the country.

02 Apr: What Agency Handles Product Registration in the Philippines?

Agency Handles Product Registration in the Philippines

The Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the country’s official government arm that protects the health of the public by assuring safe, efficient, and quality drugs, food products, food supplements, cosmetics, household hazardous products, household urban hazardous products, and medical devices.

FDA, an agency under the Philippine Department of Health, also facilitates the appropriate health manpower development and research and assumes primary jurisdiction in the collection of health products samples. FDA analyzes and inspects health products for standard identity, fill of container, and affordability to the public. The agency ensures that all products imported to the Philippines are properly labeled and can advance public health of Philippines residents.