Part II: Visas and Immigration Requirements

The Philippines allows foreign travelers of many nationalities to enter the country without obtaining a visa in advance. Stays beyond a specified period then require the foreign national to obtain a tourist visa extension. To be sure you know what to expect, why not contact us? The Kittelson & Carpo visa staff is happy to answer questions about specific requirements related to your country.

One thing that has tripped up many foreigners planning for an extended tropical vacation – the return ticket. Non-Filipinos coming to the Philippines must be sure to have a continuing ticket and valid passport, or else they can be refused at the airport. Proof can be either a booked return ticket to one’s home country or another foreign destination.

Also important is that the passport must be valid for six months beyond the intended date of departure.

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Culture. Philippine culture is nuanced! Learn to differentiate manners. Philippine humor, for instance, is very different from U.S. humor. Local people are quick to laugh, especially in seemingly stressful situations. However, sarcasm? It’s often lost on unexpecting Filipinos.