Staff Leasing: Great Option for Outsourcing to the Philippines

The rise of the Philippine BPO Industry has seen an accompanied increase in staff leasing services, including the recruitment of SEO SpecialistsWeb developersWebmastersCopywritersProgrammersData EncodersVirtual Assistants, and Contact Center Agents.

Staff leasing is considered a hassle-free hiring solution for foreign and local companies doing business in the Philippines. Not only does it eliminate Human Resource (HR) costs and payroll, staff leasing also minimizes administrative responsibilities, and enables small and medium-sized companies to expand their business operations to different client markets. Larger companies also benefit from the arrangement, which offers cost-effective human resource management, employee payroll, compensation services, risk management assistance, training, and development.

BPO Watch: Philippine Outsourcing Industry Soars to New Heights

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the fastest growing industries in the Philippines today. Since it’s advent, the industry has experienced a steady growth in annual revenue, boasting a 23% increase in 2009 alone. To date, the Philippines covers about 21% of the global BPO market, and is considered a prime outsourcing destination in Southeast Asia.

Philippines BPO Industry – Experts Forecast Clear Skies Ahead

BPO Industry in the Philippines

Regarded as one of the fastest growing industries in the world, the Philippine BPO market is expected to continue on a positive trend this year. Experts at the Business Processing Association of the Philippines project an annual increase of at least 4-10% in global market shares, coupled with an expected revenue of at least $10-12 billion. An annual hiring rate of 150,000 is also anticipated, thereby establishing the Philippines as one of the top choices for BPO destinations in Asia.