Landbank and SEC tie up to improve corporate registration procedure

In order to improve the procedures of business registration in the Philippines, The Land Bank of the Philippines (Landbank), a government financial institution and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the country’s corporate regulator, have started implementing a partnership agreement.

Landbank announced that it would start accepting application for SEC registration of stock corporations starting Sept. 15. All Landbank provincial branches would already be able to accept applications for registration.

How to Register Your Company in the Philippines

by: Austin Shi

Registering a company in the Philippines can be a complicated and tedious process, even when equipped with the right information. However, a company can overcome these initial difficulties easily, if the correct procedure is followed accordingly, and if the necessary assistance is procured. This article will tackle the basics of registering a company in the Philippines, as well as registering for tax incentives with government agencies like PEZA and BOI. Furthermore, we will also look at the general business registration procedures that a company undergoes in incorporating a business in the Philippines, and discuss the best way to go about them. This article should not be taken as a comprehensive guide to Philippine business registration, as it only presents a general overview of the entire process.

Business Incorporation in the Philippines: How to Incorporate Legally.

by: Austin Shi