BPOs Need Accountants, Nurses, Engineers

MANILA, Philippines – The business process outsourcing industry offers job opportunities for new graduates and professionals, such as nurses, accountants and engineers.

Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) president and CEO Benedict Hernandez said the industry offers a hundred thousand IT-BPO jobs for financial analysts, engineers, accountants, doctors and nurses, artists, business graduates, and other professionals on its website Work Abroad. Live Here (www.workaboardlivehere.com).

BPAP launched the career portal to increase awareness of career opportunities in the IT-BPO industry.

BPAP senior executive director Gillian Virata said many still don’t know that IT-BPO has 20 different segments, employs 640,000 Filipinos and generated $11 billion in revenues last year.

“We have jobs in IT, software development, customer service, finance and accounting, health care, legal, creative services, and engineering. New graduates and established professionals don’t have to go abroad for international, well-paying jobs,” she said.

To attract potential employees, BPAP created a Facebook page and Twitter account. Hernandez said there has been a positive response from jobseekers so far.

“We are doing this campaign to address a potential talent gap that could impact growth of IT-BPO. There are a lot of amazing opportunities within the industry and the creation of the ‘Work Abroad. Live Here’ portal is just one piece of a larger campaign to acquaint graduates and professionals who are considering a career shift with opportunities in the IT-BPO industry,” he said.

Last month, the ADB said it was giving a P27.3 million grant to support skills enhancement for the IT-BPO industry. The funding will go to training programs for college students and professors.

“The Philippines has been the global leader in providing customer relationship management (CRM) voice services since 2010. Now, non-voice services are rapidly expanding. This year, our goal is to generate 120,000 jobs to attain our goal of employing 1.3 million Filipinos by 2016. With the support from our government and the other institutions, we expect to meet that goal,” Hernandez said.





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