Condos in Makati

The Philippine real estate industry has been continually progressing over the years.  Due to the strong economy of the Philippines and pro-investor polices and regulations by the government, there have been great opportunities for investors and developers to construct world-class properties in the country. Office buildings and residential condominiums in the Philippines were also affected by this development.One city that exemplifies these developments are the office buildings and residential condominiums in Makati City.

Being called as the country’s center of commerce, the city has become a location of commercial centers and is considered as the largest Central Business District in the metro. Skyscrapers, 5-star hotels, office buildings and residential condos are just some of the establishments that can be found in Makati .

Two of the famous locations for Makati  condos are Salcedo village and Legaspi village.
Residents in this area either own or rent their units. Condos for rent in Makati vary in size and price depending on the type of developer, and the location. Condos in Legaspi Village are nearer to malls, restaurants, bars and other commercial establishments. Those who rent in Legaspi village are generally people who prefer a more vibrant scene. On the other hand, Salcedo village is more of a residential area and those who opt to rent a condo in Salcedo village are usually the ones who prefer a more peaceful environment.

For those who want to save money but still live close to Makati CBD, there are also apartments for rent in Makati located near the Manila-Makati border. Some apartments for rent in Makati are located near Rockwell Center.

The Makati real estate scene has truly a wide array of features to offer. Being near to the main airports and being accessible by almost all kinds of public transportation are just some of it. With all of these, Makati will definitely continue to flourish in the years to come.

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