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Office Space Solutions:Seat Rentals and Seat Leasing in Makati and Manila, Philippines

Seat rentals are an ideal option for start-up BPO companies and call centers in the Philippines. Not only are they cost-efficient and user-friendly, seat rentals also enable companies to reduce capital expenditures, while focusing on the more important aspects of the enterprise. Seat rentals are purchased on a monthly basis and do not require prior contractual agreements. This makes it a convenient option for companies looking to set-up business operations within a short period of time, minus the legal hassle. As the Philippine BPO industry continues to grow and develop, the demand for seat rentals in business districts like Makati, Ortigas,Fort Bonifacio and Manila is increasing at a rapid rate. There are a large number of alternative seat rental options available to BPO companies and call centers in the Philippines, including plug and play solutions, desk and cubicle offices, and many others.

However, an important thing to consider, even before renting seats, and setting up your BPO, is the location of your business. Location can make or break a business venture. There are a large number of important BPO locations in the Philippines, including Makati and Manila. Both cities have their respective advantages and disadvantages, as well as significant differences in terms of start-up costs, utilities, electrical and rental expenses. Makati City is the biggest financial district in the Philippines and home to a large number of foreign and local enterprises. The city houses the prestigious Makati business club, the Philippine stock exchange, the American Chamber of Commerce, and numerous embassies. Makati is also a thriving IT Park, boasting a large number of PEZA buildings and commercial office space for rent, lease or sale.

According to Michael McCullough, co-founder of real estate brokerage firm KMC MAG Group, “Makati City offers a much safer location for employees working during the evenings, which makes it a better location than Manila for both call centers and seat rental facilities.”

As Makati City is home to some of the largest local companies and foreign multinationals in the Philippines, it is considered an ideal location for setting up a call center or BPO facility. Seat rentals in Makati range from USD 150-300/month per seat. However, prices vary according to the quality of the computer equipment, and the types of facilities available to the renter. Manila is also considered a good location for setting up a BPO or call center enterprise. It is the capital of the Philippines, and the center of government in the country. Manila is also a business district, although not as high profile a location as Makati. The advantage of this is that seat rentals and commercial office space in Manila are usually cheaper than in Makati. The work atmosphere in Manila is also more laid-back and relaxed. Seat rentals in Manila range from USD 150-200/month, with varying prices depending on the available inclusions: computer hardware, VOIP equipment, etc. Start-up costs in Makati and Manila range from Php 5,000-10,000, depending on the size of your business enterprise.

Both locations are well-suited for BPO companies and call centers, and are prime business locations for many foreign and local companies setting up business in the Philippines.


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