Philippines Ranks As One Of The World’s Top Retirement Destinations

It was said that it’s more fun in the Philippines and it was proven because not only the young tourist who are seeking for adventure who come but also for the foreign retirees who is trying to have privacy in their old age.

Ireland-based website International Living  has ranked the Philippines 15th place of 22 for the World’s Top Retirement Havens for 2013 with the score of 79.5% in the Retirement Index.  This score is based on their eight categories which are so essential for retirees, including discounts and other benefits. Residential real estate, retirement benefits, entertainment and amenities, ease of integration, cost of living, health care, climate and retirement infrastructure are also included. In their previous list, there were only 19 countries and the Philippines is not included.

This year, the Philippines got 100 points in terms of cost of living and the highest rank among the 22 countries in the criteria.

Ecuador is on the top of the list with a score of 91.9 points in total. It is because their major cities have first class hospitals, clinics, and well-trained doctors.

The top 5 in the list are the following;

1. Ecuador – 91.9 points
2. Panama  – 89.0 points
3. Malaysia – 87.6 points
4. Mexico – 85.1 points
5. Costa Rica – 84.4 points

These the top retirement spots in the world for 2013  have a great range of variety in the cultural offerings, climates and lifestyles. Each destination is fascinating in its own way, but they definitely offer something that is hard to come by in most countries; a good quality of life for a reasonable price.

However, there is no formula in declaring which one is the best place. At the end of the day, the retirees will still decide and they will for sure consider maybe the climate, language, cost and even the distance from their home.


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