The ALPHA program

10 Feb: The ALPHA program

The ALPHA program is a learning series that combines in-class learning and mentorship. We do this by giving delegates direct access to established industry icons – the best of the best in their respective fields – in an intimate setting.



DIGI KNOW is back with another digital session! This time to provide you with the foundations you need to elevate your brand with a more effective Influencer Marketing campaign strategy that resonates to your target audience.

CEO Forum

05 Nov: Leadership CEO Forum

KMC Leadership CEO Forum: Business Leadership in Leveraging Disruption, an event that aims to equip high potential leaders with effective and proven principles, behaviors and applications. The main goal in which is to ultimately develop the business organization’s most important asset – their valued people.


04 Nov: Business 2020 Beyond the Metro

Clark and Cebu have quickly established themselves as a destination for business operations that offer an attractive hub for foreign and domestic businesses alike. Today, these cities are not only a tourist destination but an IT-BPO and call center hotspot for many companies that want to establish a headquarters outside of the heavily congested metro.

KC Event

03 Nov: Tax Compliance, Annualization, Investigation and Remedies, and the Future of CITIRA

Kittelson & Carpo Consulting (K&C), in partnership with Carpo Law & Associates (CLA) and AHC Certified Public Accountants (AHC), brings you “In-Depth Discussion Series: Tax Compliance, Annualization, Investigation and Remedies, and the Future of CITIRA”. This seminar aims to provide a detailed discussion of the tax compliance system for existing corporations in the Philippines.