Business 2020 Beyond the Metro

Business 2020: Beyond the Metro

Clark and Cebu have quickly established themselves as a destination for business operations that offer an attractive hub for foreign and domestic businesses alike. Today, these cities are not only a tourist destination but an IT-BPO and call center hotspot for many companies that want to establish a headquarters outside of the heavily congested metro.

Just over a decade ago, Cebu was considered a next-wave city for the IT-BPM sector. Currently, it is now considered by the Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) as an IT-BPM Center of Excellence, a distinction that only five other areas in the Philippines possess.

Clark, on the other hand, is currently experiencing rapid development. It is the second-largest market next to Metro Manila in terms of office take-up with 111,000 sq.m. Coupled with the ongoing construction of new buildings and the rise of Clark Global City, the area is expected to grow as a top multinational locator destination in the next 3 years.

The event, Business 2020: Beyond the Metro will seek to inform business-owners on:

  • The ease of doing business in the Philippines
  • Why businesses should invest in Clark and Cebu?
  • How the IT-BPO demand has changed in these cities over the years?
  • Business Continuity Planning

To know more about the event details, visit Business 2020: Beyond the Metro page.

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