What Agency Handles Product Registration in the Philippines?
FDA Registration in the Philippines

What Agency Handles Product Registration in the Philippines?

The Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the country’s official government arm that protects the health of the public by assuring safe, efficient, and quality drugs, food products, food supplements, cosmetics, household hazardous products, household urban hazardous products, and medical devices.

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FDA, an agency under the Philippine Department of Health, also facilitates the appropriate health manpower development and research and assumes primary jurisdiction in the collection of health products samples. FDA analyzes and inspects health products for standard identity, fill of container, and affordability to the public. The agency ensures that all products imported to the Philippines are properly labeled and can advance public health of Philippines residents.

Products approved by FDA for consumption in Philippine markets are issued certificates of compliance stating the technical requirements for operations of manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors, wholesalers, drug outlets, and facilities of health products.

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