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Creating the Perfect Space for a Work From Home Setup in the Philippines
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Creating the Perfect Space for a Work From Home Setup in the Philippines

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, company offices have taken a backseat in favor of remote work setups. Companies have put their spaces and real estate investments on hold until the Philippine government has lifted its restrictions on travel and physical gathering.

Unfortunately, this shift can take its toll on those used to in-person meetings or the professional office environment. Until a vaccine is available to the public, finding a workaround is crucial to staying productive at work.

While it might be impossible to fully recreate your old office space, you can make some significant changes to your home workspace. The following are ways you can elevate your home office setup:

  1. Pick a dedicated work area

    One of the biggest challenges when working from home is being unable to separate your home life from your work life. Choosing a dedicated area to set up your workspace allows you to physically see where “work” starts and “home” ends.

    The ideal work area should have generous space, isolated from distractions — including other people in the house. Ensure that you can work undisturbed in this area and have access to an internet connection and mobile signal.

  2. Set up your desk

    Your work desk is more than just a surface to place documents or your laptop on. It should be the center of your operations, where everything you need for your shift is within reach. It is recommended to keep the essentials on your desk to avoid clutter. However, adding a bit of personalization through tasteful decor and knick-knacks can help you make it your own.

    A good work desk should be able to help smoothen out your workflow, not get in the way of it. Establish a routine of cleaning and organizing your workspace daily to help you get in the zone.

  3. Get the right lighting

    Like working in the office, you’ll be spending hours on end looking at a screen. Having ample light helps you see your work better and avoid eye strain and fatigue. Working by natural light can help boost your productivity, but it may not always be an option.

    If your chosen workspace has little natural light or you work more during night hours, investing in a good desk lamp or wall-mounted light is a better alternative.

  4. Invest in a good chair

    Working in front of a computer all day requires not only good lighting but also a comfortable seat. The wrong chair can leave you with poor posture and body pain, which can further distract you from your work.

    >When looking for your work chair, prioritize ones with the right amount of cushioning and ergonomic design. The goal is to find a chair that you can sit on for hours without complaint.

  5. Avoid distractions

    Distractions — everyone’s been through them. They often take many forms: you may find yourself scrolling endlessly through social media while on the clock, you hear your neighbor’s dog barking loudly when you try to work, or a Google search ends up leading you to read articles unrelated to work.

    As much as possible, you should work towards eliminating all types of distractions. Log out of your social media accounts on your devices and use productivity tools to limit your access to sites unrelated to work. Consider buying noise-canceling headphones if the noise around you is a regular occurrence.

  6. Establish your boundaries

    Your workspace provides the physical boundaries that separate your home life from your work life. To keep your setup effective, you will need to establish mental boundaries.

    Restrict all work-related tasks to your designated area and get them done during your work hours. When you clock out of your shift, resist the temptation to look through your emails or work on additional tasks.

A nook for your work

Working from home shouldn’t get in the way of your professional performance. By creating your own workspace, you can adjust to this major change faster and improve your productivity.

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