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How Businesses Can Use Social Media in Brand Development
How Businesses Can Use Social Media in Brand Development

How Businesses Can Use Social Media to Develop Their Brand

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Using social media is an effective way to give your business exposure and improve your brand’s online reputation. With 4 billion end-users on various applications, the possibility of acquiring an interactive audience, by utilizing social media techniques customized to your niche, can be beneficial in successfully positioning your brand in the market.

Websites and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are well-known and commonly used by people internationally. This allows businesses to boost their online presence and keep in touch with their target audience.

To help you utilize these platforms to your advantage, this article will guide you on how to use social media to develop your business.

#1 Build Your Brand Profile

First, you need to take a closer look at your business to help build your profile or account. It means that you should also have a clear understanding of your business to successfully market what you have to offer to your intended audience.

  • Put Key Details About Your Business. Since you are introducing your brand to the public, key details, such as your contact details (Email Address, Contact number, and Address), business category, brand tagline, and short description should be present in your profile. This will help your audience understand what your company is offering and whether it is relevant to them.
  • Place Other Related Links in your Profiles. Having links going to your website or other social media accounts can help profile visitors navigate and learn more about your brand. This interlinking can help boost your brand’s credibility and give them the impression that you are accessible.
  • Publish Relevant Content. Publishing content that is relevant to the product and services you offer is a must. This way, people would know how you will be able to assist them. You may also use a call to action (CTA) to encourage people to inquire about the specific product or service.
  • Provide Your Location. This part is optional. However, if your business is targeting a specific location adding your exact address can help increase the reach in that area. This will also be able to assist people in their decision-making since they will know whether your entity is near or far from their place.

Building your brand profile must be done thoroughly for your target audience to have a clearer picture of what you can offer. This will also help the algorithm of the platform to properly categorize your entity based on the searchers’ keywords.

#2 Create A Social Media Content Strategy

Part of using social media as a gateway to developing your brand is making sure that you have quality content that’s strategically aligned with your entity’s branding.

Crafting content projects must be planned for your social media posts to show up with value and power to increase the chances of more successful campaigns. Below are the steps you may follow in creating your content strategy:

  1. Set and Identify Brand Goals. The first thing you have to do is to determine the goals (at least two to three) you want to achieve for your brand. Researching more about your audience and learning deeper about your company’s values and branding guidelines can help you reach your target.
  2. Plan and Create a Content Calendar. After identifying your goals and researching content ideas, you may proceed with planning and creating a content calendar. This will help you organize your ideas and visualize the contents to serve as a guide on how you want to release your output for easier execution. 
  3. Optimize Social Media Pages. Ensuring that your page is optimized is important for your audiences to properly know about the products and services you are offering. Including appropriate links, adding a branded display photo, and making a clear and concise bio can help people discover and understand more about your business. Properly categorizing your page will also help the algorithm determine and make your page visible to users searching for businesses in the same category.
  4. Properly Promote Your Content.  After your preparations and content making, you must ensure that your content is promoted correctly. Including a share or direct message button can help your visitors to reach you faster. There are also tools that you can utilize to assist you with scheduling posts and automatically respond to messages on the chat feature once a user clicks on a certain question. 

Creating an effective social media content strategy and planning your ideas can better help in making sure that your campaigns are well executed. That said, it will lessen the chances of having an unorganized social media profile. This will also give your visitors a clearer thought of how your company is relevant to them.

#3 Organic or Paid Social Media Marketing

There are options on how you want to showcase and boost your campaigns on social media. This will vary depending on your choice of whether you are willing to pay or post depending on the algorithm of social media platforms.

Choosing between paid and inbound marketing is important in how you want your business to be visible. There are several benefits of organic and paid social media marketing, such as the following:

  • Organic Social Media Marketing. This marketing method is when you gain visibility solely through the help of the social media platform’s algorithm. You can create and post campaigns such as blogs and videos or re-post relevant content. The following are some of the advantages of posting your social media projects organically:
    • Cost-efficient. Organic social media marketing relies on the algorithm for the visibility of your posts or page. This means that your business account is properly optimized and well-maintained. It also helps your page to gain more followers and active engagement from them.
    • Improves Authentic Online Reputation. Building your brand using the organic method can increase your business’ validity since you create relevant campaigns that help you stay on top of the algorithm. This is also supported by word of mouth, as existing clients may leave reviews that audiences can see on your profile. 
    • Long-term success. Since organic marketing focuses on brand awareness and building a connection with their audience, this can help with regards to having longer-term success as people patronize you for your credibility. Organic growth is also significant in building trust as you create reliable content to keep brand consistency and stay visible. 
  • Paid Social Media Marketing. On the other hand, this type of method requires a certain amount of budget to boost your posts and have a greater impression. This marketing strategy can help you target a specific audience depending on the demographic you want to reach. Paid social media marketing provides benefits such as the following when establishing your business online: 
    • Increased Visibility and Improved Targeting. Boosting your post or page can help you improve your impression and become visible to the specific audience demographic you want to reach. This can potentially result in more followers and leads due to the relevance of your service to the target audience. Social media platforms offer different options for doing paid social media marketing for certain types of advertisements versus your budget.
    • Data and Analytics. Paid social media marketing allows you to monitor how your advertisements are doing based on the metrics and goals that you have set before running the campaign live. At first, it is a trial and error-process, but it gives you a clearer perspective on how you can improve your next campaign based on the data results.
    • Customization. One of the benefits of paid social media marketing is customizing your campaigns based on your objectives and budget. For example, you may set your budget to a certain amount per day to increase your followers or to drive in leads for a specific product or service. You can also modify the type of campaign your target audience can see based on the size specification of a particular advertising option.

#4 Executing Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is part of digital marketing strategies designed to tailor-fit brand presence on these platforms. These campaigns are meant to showcase your company or the products or services that your business offers while keeping in mind your target audience.

Companies have personnel options to properly execute social media campaigns depending on their marketing needs. Below are the different options as well as their advantages that can help you figure out which of the following choices will best suit the execution of your social media marketing campaigns.

The decision to choose who and how you will execute your marketing campaigns should be based on the availability of company resources and the needs of the business. There is trial and error involved in the process, but later on, you’ll be able to determine what works best in establishing your brand’s social media presence.

Establish a Solid Brand on Social Media Platforms

With billions of end users worldwide, developing your visibility on social media platforms is a great way to introduce and market your business. Utilizing this will enable you to make campaigns that will let your target audience have a clearer picture of the products or services you offer. This will also let them know how your entity is relevant to them.

If this article has inspired you to make your business vision into reality, you can seek assistance from business consulting firms to help set up your company and provide guidance on how it can run smoothly.


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