Exclusive Realty: Learn It’s Worth!

Providing the property to be traded for only one property may seem a disadvantage at first glance. However, the exclusive rental or sale of a property is something that benefits both for the owner, and for the future tenant or buyer during negotiations. With the exclusive capture of a property, property is sure that the sale or the lease of property shall be made ​​by it, and not by another company.

Thus, the entire team of consultants is committed to closing the deal. Furthermore, the interest in property is not in danger of having another person visiting the property at the same time.


Benefits To The Owner

  • Ensuring total commitment of real estate brokers to close the deal
  • No risk of losing business, the property will be advertised widely to the market
  • Only one broker had been in contact with the owner, avoiding several calls and e-mails from various people throughout the day
  • Visits to the property will be scheduled and communicated to the owner in advance.


Benefits For The Future Tenant / Buyer

  • There will be many interested in the property by visiting the site with different brokers, which creates more privacy
  • Ensuring that the property has not been visited

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