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IT-BPO needs visibility and strategy to achieve growth

Even if the outlook towards the local IT-BPO remains positive to very positive by the respondents of a recent survey by the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) and Outsource2Philippines (O2P), both organizations related with outsourcing Philippines, stated that the BPO-IT industry needs greater visibility both locally and internationally for the industry to meet high-end growth targets.

According to the 179 executives surveyed, more than just settling at the idea that the country is being optimistic about the growth of the industry, the BPO industry and the Philippine government still need to do more than just “sell” the industry. The BPO industry should also sell the attributes and opportunities for potential offshore staff and their influencers more while the Philippine government should create a plan to increase the visibility of local IT-BPO industries and its capabilities.

The respondents also mentioned that in order for the BPO-IT industry to grow, the industry should create a comprehensive marketing communication including a plan for its job offers and career opportunities, which will be supported and lead the by the Philippine government.

The survey also revealed that the executives are aware that the BPO-IT industry in the country is already shifting from the low-value, voice based process services to high-value, knowledge-based services.  However, the respondents noted that industry visibility is also low internally among employees which affect the growth of the industry.

If these plans will be done under the right conditions, the It-BPO Road map 2011-2016 projects a 20% or higher annual growth and will provide significant benefits for the industry.

Among the 179 respondents to the survey, 40%, represented contact centers, 37% are engaged in delivery of a wide range of IT-BPO services and included representatives of very small, small, mid-size, and large and very large IT-BPOs and shared services organizations.



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