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In Zennya, Filipino Women Thrive in the Health Tech Workforce
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In Zennya, Filipino Women Thrive In The Health Tech Workforce

Worldwide, women dominate the healthcare sector, making up more than half of the world’s population at 70% globally. In the Philippines, 72% of the total local healthcare and medical workforce consists of women and 90% of them serve as primary healthcare decision-makers for their households. 

Despite the significant demand for women and their leadership in the health sector, the same is not the case for the technology industry in healthtech.

Healthtech is the combined use of healthcare and the different mediums of technology (like databases, applications, mobiles or wearables, etc.) to improve the overall delivery, payment or consumption of healthcare. 

It is still a continually developing field that has opened multiple job opportunities in the past few years. But if you’re a woman, who’s interested in this field of technology, you may still face hurdles entering the industry.


Zennya is a full-stack health and wellness mobile application that delivers quality healthcare services through its highly-skilled set of practitioners in Metro Manila, serving within minutes of a customer’s booking. With a variety of services like therapeutic massages, physical therapy, medical logistics, online pharmacy and e-prescriptions, and onsite medical assistance. 

In addition to being a personal wellness provider, Zennya has established itself as a medically-focused B2B logistics platform. It heavily invests in technology and strategic partnerships with top medical laboratories, HMOs, and pharmaceuticals around the world to pave the way for an innovative approach to healthcare. 

Unlike other tech startup companies currently in the country, Zennya specifically produces jobs that cater to a predominantly female workforce. Taking advantage of the potential in the tried-and-tested strength and knowledge of women in healthcare. It fosters equal opportunities that empower all women, from trained healthcare professionals to single mothers, women from dual-income households, and young students that aspire to enter the healthtech service industry.

To avoid replicating the same gender ratios we see in tech today, Zennya maintains a focus on women’s equal representation. It also encourages and prepares them to succeed in a career in the healthtech industry. 

Opportunities For Women In Zennya

After years of remaining virtually unseen in services in the field of technology, women now have the opportunity to thrive and have done entirely so in Zennya. Below are the opportunities specially catered to empower a female workforce:

Work Flexibility and Financial Stability

Zennya equips its workforce with highly flexible working hours. Employees are given full autonomy to choose when and where they work. This liberty provided to Zennya service providers opens more opportunities for women to earn a competitive income at their own pace within the emerging market.

Training For Professional Growth

Zennya service providers undergo a rigorous education process that thoroughly trains them to develop their skills in healthcare. The company utilizes an AI-enabled platform to educate and train nurses, therapists, and midwives, from introductory training to advanced skills, as available and affordable to everyone as possible to remove barriers in accessing opportunities.

Developing Entrepreneurial Skills by Habit

Zennya service providers are trained to practice entrepreneurial skills by wisely managing their own time and budgets as independent operators. The company encourages them to grow their profits through the improvement of the quality of their service, the efficiency of their delivery, and their engagement with patients. All in an effort to inspire their service providers to seek personal upgrades, and add new skills to their belt as a professional.

Health Care Incentives and More Benefits

Zennya partners with healthcare companies and offers health insurance to their workforce. In many emerging markets, access to health insurance is available to only less than 4% of the employee population, but in Zennya everyone is completely covered. 

Before, women in healthcare had to choose between an unpaid domestic responsibility at home or accepting paid work abroad, leaving the family. But now, emerging companies in the Healthtech sector are allowing them to gain experience, new skills, earn a respectable income, and balance family life and work.

Women Empowered Through Health and Technology

By enabling and empowering women to take opportunities, investing in them, and offering them the best career path, Zennya has not only transformed the traditional medium of delivery for local healthcare services, but this social enterprise has also eliminated the typical barriers set for women in the tech workforce. At present, the company is looking for massage therapists and nurses in Metro Manila to add to its growing workforce. 

Tech companies in the industry now have the unique opportunity to dramatically alter the trajectory of women and girls dreaming of entering the industry. Getting this right will result in more women participating in the tech workforce and making tech an exciting career opportunity for all. 


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When i started to read it, it was so interesting.. I think if i become a a part of your company Zennya it’s honored for me. Because it continues to spread the demonstration of women’s ability and regain confidence in themselves.

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