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Tips To Sell Land To A Developer

So how will you be able to sell? You need to know the product or service that you will market, selling land requirements is not so simple as some may imagine, such as patience, a good set of hips, good technical knowledge and a certain amount of luck . A Realtor who seeks to professionalize and follow basic procedures will find surely big chances of effective business in real estate. The sale of land is not made ​​only by persuasion, but also with the use of rational arguments, a lot of technique and knowledge of data on the sector (number of feasibility internal rates of return, profit, value for general sales, among other). To list a few good reasons that will assist you, the real estate professional in selling, here are 10 important tips:


1. Visit the site always. Move through the region where the area is located, know the block and neighborhood, feel the surrounding environment, neighborhood and trade, discover the accessibility and other details about the location is crucial.


2. Create a “line” staff with salespeople, promote good personal presentation, establish affinities, show knowledge and mastery of their work.


3. Probe prices, find out about other similar terrain, for comparative parameters.


4. After the probing step, evaluate the technical way the value of the land sale, it is within a normal or well above the market.


5. Discover the history of the land, ask the sellers if they are from owners, see, for example, as is the situation of the inventory, who are the heirs and so forth.


6. Lift information on tenants, contracts in progress, period of change or even over the residents themselves, if they have another property to change.


7. Organize a preliminary technical analysis of zoning and guidelines, checking information on whether or not to incorporate the basic documentation (such as cover property tax and registration), and also learn more at City Hall and local legislation, building standards and so on .


8. Prepare a good visual presentation on the land to the developer with information within a formal standard and professional, including aspects such as pictures of a map showing the geographical location via Google and other details that attract interest, and expose other important information that transmit as much data on the technical and commercial area.


9. Patience: the natural process of an intermediary in the negotiation of land involves twists and turns, and lots of patience!


10. Focus on closing! Focus on closing! Focus on closing!


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